Q) Do you have any vacant lots?

A) Our community has operated at full capacity since opening and we do not anticipate any lots to be vacant in the near future.

Q) How do I find information about homes available for sale in the park?

A) Owners sell their own homes. Check for listings online. Please note that all offers to purchase are subject to approval by the Community Manager.

Q) Is there an application/approval process for new Residents to Watergrove?

A) Yes, all new Residents are subject to Community Manager approval.

Q) How much are your lot rents?

A) The current rent range is from $800 – $860 per month dependent on lot size and is subject to change annually.

Q) What does lot rent include?

A) Lot rent includes water and sewer, curbside garbage/recycling/compost pick-up, and use of the Clubhouse Facilities.

Q) Are pets allowed?

A) Only up to two pets per household; indoor-only cats and dogs less than 15 inches at the shoulder. Owners are required pay a pet fee of $2.00 per month, per pet.

Q) Are there any units for rent?

A) No. All homes are occupied by owner. There are NO rentals permitted in Watergrove.